Start charging with us today

Curious about our home charging solution? We would love to show you. In a 30-minute demo you will step into the shoes of a driver and experience the entire process from start to finish.

What Smart Home Charging looks like

Installation at home

Powerd takes care of everything that’s involved in home charging. We purchase hardware, conduct an online intake with drivers, and coordinate the installation with our partner. Co-branded or white label.

We connect our installation journey to your operational processes. If desired, we can help you sell charge points by setting up an online offer tool.

  • Happy drivers with an 80% customer satisfaction score
  • Track the installation status in your own customer portal
  • Live in 2 weeks, so get started right away

After installation services

All our charge points are connected to the internet. This allows us to register charging sessions and automatically reimburse charging costs. Drivers get access to their own online environment to set their preferences.

Our philosophy is self-service: drivers are completely in control. If they do need support, we’re there to answer their questions, so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

  • Insight into sessions and setting preferences
  • Support and remote troubleshooting available
  • Access to the smartest charging technology

Smart billing and charging

For employers it’s challenging to get a grip on costs of their electric fleet. Unlike fuel costs for ICE vehicles, charging costs for electrics vehicles are very untransparent. We get employers back in charge.

With Smart Billing we charge actual charging costs to employers. They save on charging costs as they don’t pay peak tariffs for sessions during off-peak hours.

Besides that, every driver can use our Smart Charging app to automatically charge at the best moments. While contributing to reducing peak demand, they reduce charging costs with 25%.

  • Billing of actual charging costs to employers
  • Smart Charging app available for employees
  • Significant reduction of charging costs

What Powerd values in doing business with you

Service – We offer high quality service by going the extra mile. That resulted in a 80% customer satisfaction score.

Speed – We are fast. We can have our partnership up & running in 2 weeks. We arrange charge point installations in 4 weeks.

Smart – We stay ahead of the curve. We keep looking for innovative propositions and products. For you and with you.