Smart Charging

Driving an electric vehicle is a good step in fighting climate change. However, most cars are charged during peak hours, when grey energy is dominant. We make sure electric cars are charged with optimal use of green energy by utilizing off-peak hours.

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Product features


Smart Charging app

With our Smart Charging app we charge the cars’ battery with maximum use of available green energy sources. With every smart session you save CO2 and earn points for rewards.


Green energy contract

To ensure all charged energy is green we offer our green energy contract to the driver. Drivers only pay for their household energy and the employer directly receives all charging costs.


White label

We offer our Smart Charging app in a white label shell. Behind the scenes, our powerful technology platform manages the whole process from charging to invoicing.

How it works

Set up the app

Drivers create an account, connect their car and charge point, and get a green energy offer. Then they are good to go.

Set up smart charging
Set up smart charging

Start smart charging

To start smart charging drivers fill in their current battery level, their desired charge level and their next departure time.

Plan ahead

When a driver fills in his weekly schedule we can automatically charge the. Change of plans? Just adjust the session or use Boost when in a hurry.

Set up smart charging

Make your fleet sustainable

We make sure all cars are charged with green energy. This reduces the CO2 emission of your electric fleet (close) to zero.


Reduce charging costs

We maximize home charging against low energy rates. This home charging effect saves you on charging costs.


Save the hassle

We make pre-payments and reimbursements history. Drivers only pay for their household energy and you get a clear overview of all charging costs.

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