United by one mission: accelerate the energy transition

Electric vehicles play a crucial role in the energy transition, if we put these batteries on wheels to use. Powerd develops technology that allows us to charge electric vehicles during off-peak hours or when renewable energy is abundant. This helps eliminate peak demand, thereby reducing the need for power plants and lowering carbon emissions.

We believe that the energy transition is also a transition of power. We enable companies and people to get in charge of their own energy – and that includes our employees. We empower our team to learn, to grow, and to be the best and happiest versions of themselves. Because cliche but true: great people make companies great!

Our values - The G-R-I-D

What we offer

We offer you an environment where you can learn and grow fast(er), by giving you the right level of responsibility. That’s why we involve you in our strategy development during epic-sessions (which are absolutely epic). You’ll get the opportunity to speak your mind and have real impact on the future of Powerd as a company, but also on our way of working.

Our office vibe

Besides all the seriousness, we also have good times together! We work from two offices, one in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam. We have a great lunch (from grilled cheese sandwiches to salmon bagels and lots of veggie options), have drinks on Fridays (or Thursdays if we feel like it), play games during our monthly get togethers and cry with laughter on a daily basis. We’d love for you to join in on all the fun!

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To infinity and beyond

Since 2020 we have smart charged

326.000 kWh

Which corresponds to

50 green trips around the world

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