“Why isn’t it possible to easily charge the battery of the electric car with renewable energy from the grid?”

That’s what Pieter, Lucien and Oscar questioned themselves back in 2018, when the idea of charging when the wind blows and sun shines was born.

By pioneering in the energy and charging space, together with an incredible team they launched their services for the first time in 2020.

Only two years since the launch, Powerd is active in various sectors, with a range of great partners and a lot more services and products to offer.

A transition of power

At Powerd, we see ourselves as pioneers. Explorers. And as explorers, it is our duty to create new paths. Paths through which people can find their own way towards a more sustainable world. We believe that the energy transition is a transition of power. That’s why we enable people and companies to get in charge of their own energy.

Our ultimate goal is to make it attractive for businesses and energy consumers to engage in the energy transition. In everything we do we attempt to discover how we can drive progress. We value innovation and continue to push boundaries within the mobility and energy sectors. Because that’s what is needed for the energy transition to succeed.

How we empower you

Our solution lies on the intersection of energy and mobility: e-mobility. We see that electric vehicles play a crucial role in the energy transition, as they are able to capture, transport and supply clean energy. We put these batteries on wheels to use by charging them during off-peak hours and when renewable energy is abundant.

With our predictive smart charging technology, we reduce peak demand, make optimal use of renewable energy, and create grid flexibility. More importantly, we create an energy system that has the potential to become independent of powerplants. The basis for a successful energy transition.

Our solutions

The Powerd platform provides you with an all-in-one sustainable charging solution for your electric fleet. We take care of everything, from charge point installation up to smart charging and energy delivery.
Power up your electric fleet and take charge of your energy!

Our driving forces

Behold the Power Pack. Our team consists of a combination of industry experts and young enthusiasts. Energetic, passionate, and charmingly nerdy: these smart asses make it all happen behind the scenes.