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We create. We innovate. We pioneer. We are building the EV ecosystem of the future. The Powerd platform empowers you to reduce your carbon footprint while growing your business.

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Smart charging technology

With a mass transition to EV it is becoming increasingly important to solve the challenges our electricity grid is facing. Our solution: using technology and car batteries to create grid flexibility. Based on weather forecasts and predictions in energy demand, our smart algorithms determine the best moments to charge electric vehicles.

One-stop-shop for charging and energy

The Powerd platform combines charge point installation, green energy delivery and smart charging technology. Our white-label web applications untangle the operational complexity of offering e-mobility services to your customers and allow you to maintain brand visibility.

Building the EV ecosystem

Electric vehicles play a crucial role in the energy transition, if we put these batteries on wheels to use. By charging and discharging them at the right moments, we capture renewable energy, clear the grid and reduce carbon emissions. We built our technology from the ground up to connect all relevant stakeholders and create the EV ecosystem of the future.

What we’ve achieved so far

Since 2020 we have smart charged

326.000 kWh

Which corresponds to

50 green trips around the world

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